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The Magic of Steve Jobs Part 2 »

 Steve Jobs has died. That it such a cold and unwanted fact about a man that has warmed the hearts of millions with his joyful, beautiful and super-functional technology. I wrote a blog at the end of August when Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO. Everything I wrote then communicates my feelings about Steve today. And anyway Steve Jobs lives on in the hearts of most Apple product users (and who isn’t?) with an appreciation for his knowing what we wanted without us even asking for i...

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The Magic of Steve Jobs »

Does Steve Jobs have a magic wand? With the news that Steve Jobs is stepping down as APPLE CEO, journalists and business bloggers, like me, are commenting in droves about the magic he created at APPLE.  It does seem like Jobs has supernatural powers to be able transform  an entrepreneurial venture into the number one brand in the world, producing products that have changed our lives dramatically.  Few BIG brands can claim that - not IBM, AT&T or GE, to mention some of the bigg...

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Paying Homage to a Great Female Leader Who, By the Way, Was a Physician »

Dr. Bernadine Healy was determined, independent and driven to make a difference.  She could have had a nice cardiology practice but instead she chose to take on the establishment in at least two of her most important roles. The first was  as the first woman to lead the National Institutes of Health (NIH) from 1991-93,  and second, as the first physician to lead the America Red Cross.   WLE is saddened by the loss of this great woman, who passed away August 6th, at the young ...

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Guest Post: If You Don't Ask... Getting the Business Help You Need  »

My sweet little grandmother used to advise me all the time, 'Judy darling, remember: If you don't ask, you don't get.'   For too many years I did not take Grandma's sage advice. Building my business, I was busy being all things to a small group of people (clients, family, friends) and some things to a larger group of people (everyone else), with little left for myself. Admitting that I couldn't handle everything myself? Not this juggling fool. I especially didn't think to ask other women bu...

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Authenticity: How Women (and Men) Can Win in 2.0 Business World »

I had the pleasure of speaking at the informative Bubble2Boardroom Conference in NYC last week - produced by top career development coach Dani Ticktin Koplik and held in the rather stodgy NY Athletic Club.  The Club, which used to be "men only", has not only opened its doors to allow women, but seems to  have 'slightly' loosened the reins on its strict rules.  When a historic club like NYAC shows flexibility, it's a sign that the business world is changing.  I say t...

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