WLE Leadership Executive Circle (LEXCI) Program : Uniqueness of LEXCI

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What Makes the WLE LEXCI Program Unique?

The WLE Leadership Executive Circles program is a unique leadership development program that is highly differentiated from other programs.

  • It is a forum to build and strengthen professional networks and “social capital” of the business, offering an opportunity for women to exchange referrals and introductions at their personal discretion.
  • It is a custom designed program aligned with each participant’s goals and objectives and relevant to challenges commonly faced by women professionals.
  • The program addresses key leadership challenges of women professionals such as communication, negotiation and client relationships as well as management effectiveness.
  • It is a results oriented program designed to build leadership skills and capacities.
  • The program was designed by a PhD level professional with expertise in leadership development, women’s development and executive coaching.
  • The program will be facilitated by highly credentialed executive coaches that have proven record of success working with women professionals who will be trained in delivery and participate in a WLE think tank.
  • It incorporates the use of coaching as a means to transfer learning to day to day business functioning and increase results for each participant (training and coaching has 90% more impact than training alone).
  • It provides an opportunity for women to provide and receive peer feedback as an essential piece of the peer to peer mentoring component.
  • It is a program that is based upon needs analysis of each participant, encouraging women to assess and identify current needs and resources.  Once these needs are identified, women will be encouraged to explore resources for solutions and request input from key stakeholders (professionally and personally).