New York City Conference

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Jane Hanson
Jane Hanson
Charlotte Beers
Charlotte Beers
Dorine Andrews
Dorine Andrews
Dr. Ann Kirschner
Dr. Ann Kirschner
Patrice Tanaka
Patrice Tanaka
Orna Simkhai
Orna Simkhai
Beth Goldstein
Beth Goldstein
Susan Wilson Solovic
Susan Wilson Solovic
Carolyn Herfurth
Carolyn Herfurth
Diane DiResta
Diane DiResta
Debra Duneier
Debra Duneier
Jacqueline Wales
Jacqueline Wales
Pattie Simone
Pattie Simone

NOTE: This is an archive and may contain outdated information.
Registration is CLOSED for this event.

New York City Conference

Connect With Your Customer

Tuesday, April 3rd

Hosted By:

MetLife Building
1095 Sixth Avenue New York, New York
Between 41st & 42nd St. across from West side of Bryant Park


8:00 am

Doors Open: Breakfast/Networking

9:00 am


Charlotte Beers, former Chairman/CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy & Public Affairs, and author “I’d Rather Be in Charge”
I’D RATHER BE IN CHARGE provides women with a comprehensive approach to getting to know their authentic work selves and gaining the leadership positions that they have so clearly earned. Part I leads the reader on a journey of self-discovery to examine messages they absorbed within their families that may need to be questioned, to consider their personal approaches to work and whether they might be tweaked to suit the demands of high leadership roles, and to investigate their self-image to form a more positive and solid understanding that will better translate into recognition by others. With this interior work done, Part II helps women take their best selves public, showing them how to bring their strengths to relationships and communication, develop a personal leadership style, and master the important arena of presentations, where much of one’s professional impact and image is made.

10:00 am

WLE Connections Café

Meet the people YOU need to meet to grow your business.
In this live facilitated session you will meet at least 8 new people with whom you can do business or make referrals to each other.

10:45 am

Presentation of the 2012 Mary Schnack Award to Orna Simkhai, founder, Shema-Or

Moderator: Jane Hanson, host of New York Live for NBC4 and top media coach


Past and Present Compass Award Presentation and Panel
WLE Compass Award Winner will pass the baton to 2012 Compass Award Winners

Charlotte Beers (Compass Winner 2004), former Chairman/CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy & Public affairs, and author “I’d Rather Be in Chargepresents WLE Compass Award to:

2012 Compass Award Recipients:

Dorine Andrews, CIO Peace Corps
Dorine Andrews was appointed Peace Corps Chief Information Officer in August, 2010. The Office of the CIO is responsible for the Peace Corps global technology network and systems that support the operations of seventy-six posts, the HQ organization and nine regional recruitment offices. Information about the Peace Corps is available at

Prior to coming to the Peace Corps, Ms. Andrews consulted, taught, and did considerable research in the areas of managing organization and technology change, knowledge management, enterprise systems implementations, and online community development. She has co-authored books on IT organization management and business process re-engineering and published many articles in these disciplines.

Ms. Andrews co-founded and led Business Reengineering, Inc., a management consulting firm with expertise in strategic planning, process design, and business re-engineering. Her company had a broad client base that included many international Fortune 100 companies and federal government agencies. Prior to that, she co-founded and led Performance Resources, Inc., a well-regarded international systems design consulting firm. Prior to her consulting work, she worked 12 years at Bell Laboratories and AT&T in areas including programming, methodology, performance standards, strategic and operational planning, and training.

Dr Ann Kirschner, University Dean of Macaulay Honors College
The City University of New York. Ann Kirschner began her career as a lecturer in Victorian literature at Princeton University, where she earned a Ph.D. in English. Her career as an entrepreneur in media and technology included the creation of satellite and internet businesses for the National Football League and Columbia University's online education company, Fathom. A frequent contributor to conferences and publications, Ann Kirschner was named one of New York Magazine's "Millennium New Yorkers" and honored as a distinguished graduate of Princeton University and University of Buffalo. Author of “Sala’s Gift”

12:00 noon

Luncheon and Expert Panel: Top Business Owners/Experts share the strategies to help YOU grow your business

Moderator: Susan Solovic is the recognized source for reporting and teaching successful business strategies through her books and  her popular website  Susan will share some of the newest tactics on marketing, alliances and collaborative-competition that  will achieve revenue growth for your business today. Susan is co-founder of and author of the forthcoming book "It's Your Biz"


Patrice Tanaka, Chief Creative Officer, CRT/Tanaka
“Best PR Agency to Work for in America”
Carolyn Herfurth, Founder, The Biztruth
Learn the Art of the Ask | How to engage & earn your prospect’s business
Pattie Simone, Entrepreneurial Activist, founder WomenCentric
Meet one of the region’s most innovative marketers and outside-the-box thinkers.

Over 75% of service-based entrepreneurs indicate that closing is a major stumbling block when it comes to getting new clients.

Whether it’s getting the appointment without sound pushy, unearthing your prospect’s core issues without feeling like you’re prying, or gracefully closing the business without sounding desperate — “sealing the deal” without feeling awkward is easier said than done for most entrepreneurs.

During this panel discussion, you’ll learn:

  • The top 3 reasons you don’t like talking about your fees—and what to do about it
  • Why asking for the business feels so awkward and 5 crazy simple steps for eliminating the funk factor once and for all
  • The single most simple way evvverrrr to ask for the business—without squirming in your chair or putting pressure on your prospect
  • 1:00 pm

    Closing Keynote:

    Beth Goldstein, Marketing Edge Consulting Group, Take Control of Your Destiny and Empower Your Business: Lessons from Lucky By Design
    Why do some people appear to have an abundance of luck while others simply can’t catch a break? What’s their secret? In this presentation, Beth Goldstein discusses the findings from her latest book, Lucky By Design, andexposes the fallacies and dangers of underestimating your own ability to control your destiny and create powerful business opportunities. Working with thousands of entrepreneurs over a span of more than 25 years, this presentation offers new insights and practical advice detailing what it takes to ‘get lucky’ in business and will show you simple, yet effective steps to control your destiny and design your own lucky path to success. You will discover proven tools, tips and tactics that you can apply immediately to your business, based on techniques successful entrepreneurs have used to prepare for, recognize and take advantage of lucky opportunities. Whether you’ve just launched a new company or have been running one for years, this session will give you the insight and knowledge to create a Luck-Fueled Roadmap that empowers your business.

    2:00 pm

    Open Networking, Booksignings & SpeedCoaching – one-on-one growth coaching

    You will have private coaching sessions (5 minutes) with each of our business growth experts, plus networking continues:


    • Susan Wilson Solovic - Building Your Business To Millions
    • Beth Goldstein - Take Control of Your Destiny
    • Carolyn Herfurth - Art of the Ask, How to Engage & Earn Your Prospect’s Business
    • Diane DiResta - How To Give A Knockout Presentation
    • Debra Duneier - Feng Shui Your Business For Growth
    • Jacqueline Wales - Moving Beyond The F*** Word, How To Develop The Confidence You Need To Create the Life You Want


    • Charlotte Beers - I’d Rather Be In Charge
    • Beth Goldstein - Lucky By Design, Navigating Your Path To Success
    • Debra Duneier - Ecochi: Designing The Human Experience
    • Susan Wilson Solovic - It’s Your Biz
    • Diane DiResta - Knockout Presentations
    • Jacqueline Wales - The Fearless Factor
    • Dr Ann Kirschner - Sala’s Gift

    $129 all-inclusive fee includes Breakfast, Award Luncheon and Private Sessions of SpeedCoaching with Experts.
    Early Bird $99 (ends March 16th). Use promotion code EARLYBIRD.

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