E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - April 2003

E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - April 2003

Mission Accomplished: The Commando WLE Conference Strategies of Lesley Roy
Lesley Roy, founder of high-end dinnerware manufacturing firm, Lesley Roy Designs LLC, is a woman with a mission and a mindset. She came to the Women's Leadership Exchange® New York conference to find the resources to take her company to the next level. One day. Dozens of opportunities. Hundreds of people. How did she do it? Click here to find out.

Case Study: A Personalized Business Model, A Profitable Enterprise
We've all heard the old business adage, "do what you know." Susan Giguere, owner of Care & Comfort, put that advice to the test. Caring for a mother with Alzheimer's, a father debilitated by strokes, and a child with behavioral issues provided her with the impetus to take an innovative approach to providing home health care services to the people of rural Maine. It worked. Starting with just $5,000 a decade ago, Ms. Giguere's company reports revenues of $6 million today. Click here to discover how her personal experiences and professional values influence the day-to-day management of this exceptionally healthy and heartfelt enterprise.

Courtesy of OPEN: The Small Business NetworkSM from American Express

Top Ten Characteristics of Successful Women Business Leaders
What do the nation's "leading ladies" of business have in common? Sharon Hadary, Executive Director of the Center for Women's Business Research knows – and she tells all. Click here to find out what characteristics will position you for increasing success in the 21st century.

Take It From Me . . .
Stephanie Kruse, owner of a 15-person marketing firm in Reno, NV wants to make the move to grow, but is worried about "too much, too soon" in the current economic climate. Maureen Odioso Godshall has seen a decade of changes as president of Loren/Allan/Odioso Advertising, a Cincinnati advertising and public relations agency. With 35 employees and more than $30 million in revenues, Odioso Godshall has achieved the growth Kruse is seeking. Click here to listen in on the growth advice a "stuck" entrepreneur gets from someone who's been there, done that.

Courtesy of Entrepreneur Magazine

Mysteries Revealed, Secrets Unmasked: Highlights from the WLE Conference in Dallas
How do you start your business with a book, and five years later make the Inc. 500? How can you implement interactive marketing strategies on a shoestring budget? How does going into debt increase the value of your business? Where do you find "unoccupied turf" to stand your ground and build your reputation in the competitive world of networking? Why would Compass award winner Marion Luna Brem have a post-it note on her phone with the acronym INN, shorthand for "I'm not normal?" The answers may surprise you. Click here to get a fresh perspective on how to enhance your company's vision and vitality.

Success Strategies, Secrets, and a Great Excuse for Networking: Attend WLE Conference in Chicago May 6
Gain insights of your own in Chicago on May 6 from Debi Davis, who took a weight problem and $5,000 and created a multi-million dollar business, Sherron Watkins, who blew the whistle on Enron, Kay Koplovitz, who created a venue for women to raise equity financing and the first women TV network president, Shirley Gross-Moore, who turned a failing car dealership into 5-star dealer with 2 locations and former Olympian Donna de Varona, who is fighting to preserve the enforcement of Title IX athletic policies. Click here.

Survival Guide: Getting Through a Cash Flow Crisis
At one point or another, nearly every small business finds it doesn't have enough cash to cover short-term payables. This crunch can be triggered by seasonal business fluctuations, late-paying customers, the loss of a key contract, or even faster than anticipated growth. Click here to learn how you can get your business ready to weather a short-term crunch—and ensure its long-term survival.

Expert Exit Strategies: How to Make a Break Without Getting in a Fix
Business owners looking to retire, transition to lessen responsibility, or exit a company, take heed. Your friends may be able to sign up for early retirement or cut back on their work schedules in a moment's notice—and the company and capital assets to support that decision will remain unchanged. But what happens when you ARE the company and a majority, if not all, of your assets are invested in the business? For information and insight on how to create the most professional—and profitable—exit strategy, click here.

"What's in it for Me?": Designing a Mutually Beneficial Benefits Plan
For entrepreneurial enterprises who are fishing for top talent to help them grow, an attractive employee benefits package can be a tempting lure that helps them compete with larger companies offering numerous perks. But the package not only has to work for your employees—in the long run, it has to work for you as well. Click here to find out how to develop a strategic approach to creating an enticing employee benefits plan.

Membership has its Rewards: Joining a Professional Women's Organization
What can you get out of joining a women's professional organization? After a 9 a.m. breakfast meeting, one NAWBO member secured 50K in working capital that was available by noon the same day! It's not just a network; it is a pool of strategic alliances, partnerships, access to capital, resources, referrals and a built-in market of potential buyers. Click here to learn how to make the most of any membership.

A record-breaker...an entrepreneur who's too young to drive... a political and business powerhouse. These are some of the women who are making headlines and honors in the news and throughout the business world today. Click here to read about their inspirational stories and outstanding accomplishments.

Do You Want to Be A Newsmaker?
USA TODAY needs female business owners and entrepreneurs willing to talk with reporters about issues in the news. Your business may be featured in USA TODAY articles. To participate, please complete the form at http://www.usatoday.com/money/smallbusiness/survey/smallbizsurvey.htm

Sign Up for Supplier Diversity Program
For the 4th consecutive year, UPS has been named among America's Top Corporations for Women Business Enterprises by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council, the leading third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women. UPS spent more than $131 million with minority- and women-owned firms in 2002. To participate in the UPS Supplier Diversity Program, go to www.community.ups.com.

The 2003 WLE Conference Series – Chicago – May 6
Coming soon to a city near you. Experience in-depth seminars, keynotes and networking with women like YOU. Mark your calendars now. Click here for complete details.

Other Upcoming Events
Gain insight and meet influential businesswomen at these other great events such as the Woman Business Owner of the Year Awards Dinner, the Springboard Enterprises Venture Capital Forum and 2003 NAWBO Annual Meeting & Business Conference. For a full list of events, click here.

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