E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - November 2003

E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - November 2003



Building Your Business

Case Study: From (French) Rags to Riches
Over 30 years ago, Brenda French founded knitwear company French Rags with $500. By the time sales hit eight million dollars, she revolutionized the fashion industry by selling her line direct to consumers via trunk shows. How she weathered economic downturns is even more revolutionary and an inspiration to all entrepreneurs who need to reinvent during tough times. Click here to read about her remarkable journey, one she shared at the Women's Leadership Exchange® conference in Southern, California.

Stress for Success: Are You on Overload?
According to a recent survey, 63% of professional women said their careers sapped them of emotional strength, and 44% said work-related stress has escalated. Nowhere is this feeling more prevalent than among women business owners, who struggle with a volatile economy, short-staffing, and concerns for future prosperity. Click here to learn more.

Good News for Growing Businesses: Save up to 30% on Healthcare Benefits
Thanks to new legislation fueled by Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP), you may soon be able to offer your employees health benefits packages comparable to what Fortune 500 and labor unions offer their workers. Click here and read on.


Dare to Venture: Serial Entrepreneurs Show Strong Performance
A report by women's venture organization, Springboard Enterprises, showed that 69% of Springboard alumnae are serial entrepreneurs, with 35% having three or more entrepreneurial experiences. Click here to learn more about how women seeking capital are faring in a turbulent economy.

WLE Highlights

THE BEST OF NEW YORK CITY WLE: A Look Back at Last Year's Conference
It was the inaugural event in the Big Apple... and what an event it was! Click here to find out why Judy George of Domain hired a personal coach... why women will be sought for corporate boards appointments... how to take networking to its next level... and what it means to "manage for the mission."

Women Presidents Organization (WPO) is a non-profit membership organization for women presidents who have guided their businesses to at least $2 million in gross annual sales ($1 million for service-based businesses). It has more than 30 chapters in 24 cities, with monthly meetings sponsored by local corporations. Its educational arm conducts certification for women-owned businesses and assists in using certification to foster growth and corporate business opportunities. For more information about WPO, click here.

Women In The News

Why you'll be seeing a lot more of Southwest Airlines CEO Colleen Barrett ... Carly Fiorina takes the tech industry by storm (again)... Ford female VP leaves to heads up automotive company... the best companies for minority women to work ... and the aftershock of Annika. Click here for full details...


Click here to find out about what WLE advisory board members and partner organizations are offering to help you grow your business.

Coming soon to a city near you. Your business can thrive in any economy. Experience in-depth seminars, keynotes and networking with women like YOU. Mark your calendars now. Click here for complete details.

Other Upcoming Events
Check out these other great events such as the Springboard Enterprises New England Venture Capital Forum and the American Management Association's seminar, "Valuation of Companies: The Practical Aspects. For a full list of events, click here.

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