E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - September 2003

E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - September 2003


Managing A Winning Workforce: Real World Case Studies
"Individuals work hard, bring their talents to the table, solve complex challenges, identify exciting opportunities for their organizations-and still end the work day feeling that what they offer isn't fully appreciated," says Judith Anderson, WLE speaker and author of the book Corporate Nirvana, An Enlightened Approach to Accelerated Productivity. Click here and discover how your behavior and that of your staff impacts on the productivity, creativity and contentment of your workforce.

Vital Marketing Tactics for Volatile Times
Click here to discover a marketing strategy that can help businesses survive -- and even thrive -- in an uncertain economy.

Don't Let Technology Intimidate You; Ask The Right Questions
Too often, emerging businesses are seduced into buying the most full-featured, flashiest technology available, only to find later that they could have been well-served by a less-expensive option. Click here for a simple reality check that could help you avoid making a bad investment decision when it comes to computer hardware, software applications and networking equipment.

The growth of women's entrepreneurship, driven by access to capital, markets and networks, has outpaced the growth of all businesses by 1.5 to 2 times. Click here to learn more how the forces that propel the growth of women-owned enterprises.

Top Tips from the WLE So. California Conference
Discover why "change" is your friend...why speedy, successful results aren't always better... learn about a business strategy to reach 96% of your potential customers...and find out why you should always pay your vendors first. Click here for the tips, tactics and tools presented at the Southern California WLE Conference.

Share Your WLE Success Story!
Did you hook up with new customers at the Dallas conference? Join a non-profit board after Chicago? Learn a strategy that solved a business problem during the LA conference? Tell us how the WLE conference has impacted your business and we may feature you-and your company-in an upcoming issue. Click here.

How to Build Beneficial Marketing Partnerships
Click here to see how to identify and capitalize on marketing partnerships with minimal investment and maximum ROI.

Strategies for a Smart Move: Making the Right Decision for Your Company's Future
You've dreamed it. You've built it. And now what? Click here to find out how to assess which move is right for you-sale, acquisition, partnership... or nothing at all.

Girl Power: Sex and the Social Entrepreneur
By "sex," we mean gender. Learn how a personal commitment to gender-specific causes translates into solid return for women business owners. Click here to gain perspective from three women business owners who have proven that social responsibility to womens' initiatives can be as good for your business as it is for your soul.
Courtesy of Entrepreneur Magazine

Sandra Day O'Connor speaks out for diversity...Julie Geberding rejuvenates a lagging CDC ... and the Pampered Chef founder, Doris Christopher, impressed billionaire Warren Buffet so much that he bought the company. Click here for all the details...

Coming soon to a city near you. Your business can thrive in any economy. Experience in-depth seminars, keynotes and networking with women like YOU. Mark your calendars now. Click here for complete details.

Other Upcoming Events
Gain insight and meet influential businesswomen at these other great events such as the Enterprising Women Exhibition, the Springboard Enterprises Growth Capital Workshop, and WIPP's Annual Conference. For a full list of events, click here.

*If you don't have an American Express Business Card, you can apply online now at
open.americanexpress.com/wleapply or call 1-800-471-0028 and we'll credit the discount immediately.

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