E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - July 2004

E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - July 2004



Relating, reinventing, refinancing, refreshing. Relax. This issue of WLE Exchange brings together some of the best tips, advice, and resources for taking what you've already accomplished and upping the ante: getting out there and raising the stakes of your enterprise even higher. Whether it's how to cut your hair or how to cut off ineffective low level purchasing agents, our support network is on it. Or as those songs go (sorry, we can't carry a tune) "accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and keep your sunny side up."

WLE In The Windy City
Recapping the highlights of our WLE Chicago Conference confirms what we already know: the women's network of professionalism and achievement is growing by leaps and bounds. Click here to learn about Chicago's movers and shakers.

Coming Soon To A "Theatre" Near You
Is your business suffering from a summer slowdown? Do you want to make sure that your business is on fire this fall? Then fly, run, walk or sprint immediately to the next WLE Conference in your region (or across the country for a vacation that is an antidote to your business). Click here to get all the details.

The Rolling Stones may have said it first, but WLE co-founder Leslie Grossman says it better. Find out why you can't always get what you want, and how to play the odds. Click Here

Tom Peters Tells All: Hearing Women Roar
Inquiring women want to know. WLE co-founder Leslie Grossman quizzes management guru Tom Peters on how to get your message heard. Click here

What Is Executive Presence?
(And Why Is It So Important?)

Making that polished entrance. Mastering the firm handshake. Forging personal connections instead of foraging in your handbag. Columnist and business expert Connie Glaser calls it Executive Presence. We call it important reading. Click here

So you're looking for funding to move your business forward. Don't make a move without reading Beth Polish's D.R.O.O.M. (Don't Run Out of Money) insights into fueling your business's financial growth. Click here

8 Audacious Ways to Build Your Business
First, trash all your expectations and take a deep breath. Then follow global market expert Laurel Delaney's seven other tips for giving your business a jolt. Click here

Summiting: Overcoming Sales Acrophobia and Scaling the Heights
Not getting your business value issues to the people who hold the "power of the pen?" Senior management expert Jim Hoverman reveals his secrets to creating long-term relationships and differentiating yourself from the competition. Click here

Hair Today...Why Wait for Tomorrow?
The Stephen Knoll Salon shares easy, breezy ways to reinvent your hairstyle. Click here

Coming soon to a city near you. Your business can thrive in any economy. Experience in-depth seminars, keynotes and networking with women like YOU. Mark your calendars now. Click here for complete details.

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