E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Summer 2005

E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Summer 2005


Reflect for a moment on how you got where you are today. Most of us arrive — and keep traveling — through a series of encounters or "connections" with people, places, and things. In this issue, WLE experts advise on how to make the right connections, those that will get you to the top and keep you there.

Building Your Business

With Your Creativity: Shrink to Succeed

Keeping things simple and streamlined helped one business tap into its creativity and grow from $27 million in billings to $100 million in four months. Author and marketer Robin Koval suggests how you can apply the same methods to build your results. Read the full story.

With Employees When You're Under Fire

Expressing emotion can build trust, but it must be done properly or your employees will doubt your leadership abilities. Leadership experts Barbara and Elizabeth Pagano offer sound advice to help you demonstrate grace under fire and motivate employees when they need it most. Read the full story.

With Customers through Direct Mail

The old-fashioned mail box still attracts customers and sales. Author and Entrepreneur Magazine columnist Kim T. Gordon outlines how carefully planning a direct mail campaign can earn you a customer stamp of approval — and sales. Read the full story.

To More Sales with a Systematic Approach

A systematic approach to the sales process can help you break through the barriers that may be keeping you from achieving sales goals. Sales trainer and Office Depot presenter Rochelle Togo-Figa outlines a winning formula. Read the full story.

Through Improved Listening

You may hear what someone is saying, but do you really understand the speaker's message and motivations? Author Judith Glaser says top executives employ precision listening and provides practical advice to ensure that you connect and communicate effectively. Read the full story.

Open Speak

With Customers through Advisory Boards

Customers often have the very best ideas for growing your business. OPEN from American Express consultant Jackie Huba explains how to turn customer connections into your next big idea. Read the full story.

WLE Conference Connections

Wherever capable, intelligent women gather, success is bound to happen. Learn how the connections three women made at recent WLE conferences changed their business lives. Read the full story.

"In a world that tries to make us choose between full humanity and our unique individuality, we must understand that, actually, it's a balance of both." — Gloria Steinem, feminist, activist, author, and winner of the WLE/OPEN 2005 Vanguard Award. Read the full story.

Did You Know?

U.S. women-owned businesses lead in growth
Read the full story.

Straight Talk

Reaching beyond the boundaries of your business to make connections is part of your job as a business owner. Find out how WLE Co-Founder, Leslie Grossman, learned about the power of connections.
Read the full story.

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Rev up your creativity. Think small.
Be a 'cool' leader when things get hot.
Turn customers into trusted advisors.
How one connection changed women's lives.

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