E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Fall 2005

E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Fall 2005

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Seasons change. Hemlines change. Everything changes at some point. And, while change is always a bit scary, it offers us the excitement of something new, something that could alter our lives. In this issue, WLE experts advise on how to make change work for you, not against you. Read on to learn how to seize the benefits of change and create the future your way.

Building Your Business

Your Viewpoint and Open Yourself to the Future

Futurist/Author and WLE Keynoter Edie Weiner believes that we often limit ourselves because of our cultural and professional ?learnings.? Here she outlines four powerful techniques to unleash your vision of what might be. Read the full story.

Your Conversations for Better Results in Business and Life

When conflicts arise, how you communicate determines whether a successful resolution will be reached. Negotiation expert/certified mediator and WLE Growth Guru Debbie Goldstein offers an effective way to ensure productive communication during those difficult moments. Read the full story.

Your View of Branding to Build Your Business

Even the smallest business benefits from a clear brand identity. Branding expert, Orit, proposes a straightforward technique for identifying what is special about your business and capitalizing on that. Read the full story.

Can Yield Growth and Self-Discovery

The familiar is always comforting. Yet, author and women?s leadership expert and WLE Growth Guru, Connie Glaser, says that stepping outside of your comfort zone creates the greatest opportunities. Read the full story.

How You Finance Growth

Don?t cringe when financial issues arise! Growth Guru and finance expert Beth Polish says that learning the ?language? of finance opens the doors to growth and success. Read the full story.

Open Speak

Managing Unexpected Change
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita alerted us to the need for contingency planning. Alice Bredin, consultant with OPEN from American Express, provides a roadmap for running your business when the unexpected happens. Read the full story.

WLE Katrina Connections

Magic happens when women of like minds meet, especially at WLE conferences. Learn how the connections two Hurricane Katrina evacuees made at a recent WLE conference gave them hope, support and much more. Read the full story.

Do you know a woman business owner displaced to New York from the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina? If so, WLE can help.

Did You Know?

U.S. women entrepreneurs are not timid about taking financial risks.
Read the full story.

Straight Talk

A woman president in The White House? Talk about change! Well, it may only be on television, but WLE co-founder Leslie Grossman says ABC?s new show, Commander in Chief, may be a hint of things to come.

Read the full story on the WLE Blog and tell us what you think.

"People who are successful found their way in what they stood for, what they believed in, and what they were truly passionate about." — Pernille Spiers-Lopez, President, IKEA North America, and winner of the WLE/OPEN 2005 Compass Award

Be inspired by the words of WLE/OPEN Compass Award winners.

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