E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Spring 2006

E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Spring 2006

Womens Leadership Exchange
WLE Conference in Dallas on April 5th 2006
WLE Conference in Chicago on on May 17th 2006

You would not be where you are today without the influence of a parent, a teacher, a boss, or a role model of some kind. It?s likely that this very day you are influencing someone by what you say and do. In this issue, WLE experts advise on how to use the power of influence to grow your business. Read on.

Feature story

What Influenced Spanx CEO Sara Blakely to Revolutionize an Industry?
Find out how this determined young business woman overcame obstacles to create her multi-million-dollar hosiery enterprise. You?ll be inspired! Read the full story.

Hear Sara?s full story and meet her at WLE Dallas and WLE Chicago!

Building Your Business

How Prospective Investors View Your Business

To attract investors, businesses must offer them assurances of stability and success. WLE 2006 Growth Guru and financial growth expert Aldonna Ambler shares her strategies for putting your best business foot forward.Read the full story.

Your Bottom Line With New Selling Skills

Selling without a carefully crafted plan will not yield long-term, lasting results. WLE 2006 Growth Guru Colleen Stanley offers proven sales techniques and advice on how to develop a sales strategy that will close the deal every time. Read the full story.

The Productivity of Your Technology and Your Employees

Growth can be a double-edged sword. You are happy to see your business expand, but how do you keep up the level of service your clients expect? James Lawson of Avaya says the newest technology ? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) ? may be the answer. Read the full story.

Your Brand Image Through Furnishings and Design

What your office or business looks like tells a client or customer a lot about you and your brand. The design experts at IKEA offer some simple, cost-effective ways that you can use to improve your surroundings and make an impact.
Read the full story.

Take the quiz!

What?s Your Leadership Style?

WLE 2006 Growth Guru Robin Denise Johnson, author of Dance of Leadership, helps you determine how you influence others as a leader. What kind of leader are you? Take the quiz and find out!.

WLE Conference Connections
Hurricane Katrina evacuee and business owner Kirsten Stoffa attended our New York conference and found more than business advice. Read the full story.

Be Inspired
?The power comes from not having all the ideas yourself, but from being able to see the ideas in others, to inspire them and motivate them.? -- Susan Sobbott, President, OPEN from American Express, 2005 WLE Compass Award winner.
Be inspired by the words of our honorees.

Did You Know?
Women who own businesses in non-traditional industries are flourishing.
Read the full story.

Straight Talk
Did you make your New Year?s resolutions 2 months ago? WLE co-founder Leslie Grossman shares her own resolutions for success and invites you to join her on the journey.
Read the full story.

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