E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Summer 2006

E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Summer 2006

There is nothing like learning from experience, unless it's learning from someone else's. Sharing discoveries and lessons learned is what Women's Leadership Exchange® is all about. In this issue, WLE experts offer REAL advice and REAL strategies that will help you avoid mistakes and keep you on the success track. In fact, we think it's so important that we all GET REAL about our businesses, that it's the theme of our 2006 conference season. For just a taste of what it means to GET REAL, read on.

Feature Story

Gloria Allred, Women's Rights Champion, Talks About Succeeding in Business
This high-profile attorney, who is speaking at several WLE 2006 conferences, has taken on the establishment and has won. Here she discusses the challenges women business owners face and how we can stand up and take charge. Read the full story.

Meet Gloria Allred at WLE Atlanta on September 19th!

REAL strategies for performance reviews ...
You Love' em, You Need' em, But they Just Aren't Performing

WLE Growth Guru Janelle Brittain offers a five-step process for communicating with less-than-stellar employees that gets results for both of you Hear Janelle Brittain live in Long Beach, CA, Atlanta, GA and New York City. Read the full story.

REAL advice for looking your best ...
A Busy Woman's Guide to Fashion

The experts at Jones New York offer tips to help you look your best - from breakfast meeting to Little League game. Read the full story.

REAL advice on marketing (yourself) ...
To Make Networking Pay Off, Manage Those Business Cards

Attending a WLE or other event is great, but what you do afterward is just as important.  Hear master networkers Ivan Misner and Shelli Howlett of BNI offer a practical way to ensure that those contacts you made pay off. Read the full story.

REAL strategies for growth ...
10 Ways to Take Your Business Global

Only 10 percent of U.S. businesses export, yet 95% of the world's population lives outside our borders.   Have you considered "going global?" Expert Laurel Delaney offers valuable advice on why it might be right for your business, and how to help you do it . Read the full story.


The Woman's Advantage
This new book by Mary Cantando, President of WomanBusinessOwner.com, profiles 20 women entrepreneurs including WLE Cofounders Andrea March and Leslie Grossman, who can show you what it takes to grow your business. Read this excerpt.

"Last year's Southern California event propelled my confidence and business into becoming a reality. I networked, connected and listened to the fabulous breakout speakers. I came home exhausted and confirmed in my own mind that I can do this! And using the resources and advice I found at WLE, I did it! Thank you so much for doing this for us women of large dreams and visions. -   Laurelle Johnson, Creative President, Innerwealth Communications .

Did you make a valuable connection at WLE? Tell us about it on the WLE Connections Blog.

Women business owners are learning to play the financing game and are successfully competing for the money they need to grow. Read the full story.

Al Ries. Malcolm Gladwell. Thomas Friedman. Paul McCartney. Yes, WLE Cofounder Leslie Grossman's favorite Beatle, with a little help from his friends, may just provide the best insights into business success since Adam Smith. Read the full story and let it be!

Coming soon to a city near you! Experience in-depth seminars, keynotes and networking with women like YOU at WLE Supporting Organization events around the country. Mark you calendars now. Click here for complete details.



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