E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Fall 2006

E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Fall 2006

Every day, we are called upon to perform acts of courage. Some are as small as having the courage to pass on dessert and stick to your diet, or as large as knocking on the door of a multi-million-dollar company you want as a client. Be inspired to tap into your courage by the advice and example of the women in this issue.

Feature Story

At 94, Dr. Dorothy Height Continues the Courageous Fight for Social Justice
For more than six decades, Dr. Dorothy Height, has challenged racial and gender stereotypes here and abroad. She will be honored with a Compass Award at WLE's New York City Conference. Read her inspiring words.

Sheila Johnson: The Courage to Challenge the Business Establishment
Successful business woman Sheila Johnson, recipient of a Women's Leadership Exchange® Compass Award, talks about the courage she had to muster in order to launch her first solo entrepreneurial venture. Read the full story.

Adventures Take Courage
To lead a rich and satisfying personal and professional life requires continual personal growth. Executive coach and WLE advisor, Pam Olson, offers a game plan for tapping into your personal courage to find fulfillment. Read the full story.

Be Courageous. Communicate personally, not technologically.
It may seem easier to dash off an e-mail than to make a personal call, but the personal touch generally yields the best results. Growth Guru Jane Applegate shows you how to use personal contact to your business advantage. Read the full story.

Have the Courage To Be 'Nice'
Women often believe that being "nice" compromises their ability to get ahead. Linda Kaplan Thaler, 2005 Compass Award Winner, and co-author and business partner, Robin Koval, know that kindness opens doors and bring success. Read the full story.

A Working Women's Guide to Maximizing Travel
The travel experts at American Airlines offer tips that will keep you relaxed and productive on your next business trip. Read the full story.

A room full of dynamic, successful business women is bound to produce results. Here, two women share how their businesses benefited from the connections they made at WLE's Southern California conference. Read the full story.

"If you expect to be treated poorly, you will be treated poorly. You have to go into everything with a positive attitude," - Maureen Beal, CEO, National Van Lines, Inc., and winner of a 2006 Compass Award. Read the full story.

What sector of the economy generates $1 trillion in annual revenue? Firms with 51% ownership by a woman or women! We're growing stronger every day. Read the full story.

Leslie Grossman Shares Some of The Secrets to her Success
WLE New York Opening Keynote Women's Leadership Exchange® co-founders Leslie Grossman and Andrea March were honored by The New York Enterprise Report as Small Business Advocates of the Year. This award is given to individuals and organizations that work tirelessly to promote, defend, and support small businesses in the greater New York area. Rosebuds to our co-founders!

Leslie Grossman also shares some common pitfalls that women make in business. Read the full story.

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