E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Fall 2007

E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Fall 2007

Success arrives through many doors. Some will say it was through a "lucky break." Others attribute it to determination and hard work. Ultimately, we control how much and how well we achieve, but a little help is always welcome. In this issue successful women entrepreneurs share "keys" that will help unlock success for you.

Feature Story

Broadcast Pioneer Cathy Hughes Shares the Keys to Her Success
WLE Compass Award winner, Cathy Hughes, founder of the largest African-American-owned broadcast company in the United States, reveals the personal and professional secrets of her success. Read the full story.

Keys to success… Join Social Networks to Boost Your Business
Information marketing expert Diane Eble defines social networks and offers practical advice on tapping into the power of on-line vehicles like My WLE Business Network, LinkedIn, and MySpace. Read the full story.

Keys to success… Protect Your Business and Your Customers Against Fraudster
The Internet makes financial transactions a breeze, but it brings risk, too. Union Bank of California banker Rita Dailey offers practical ways to ensure that you - and your customers - are safe from fraud and identity theft. Read the full story.

Keys to success… Use Your Knowledge to Explore the Possibilities
Futurist and WLE keynote speaker Edie Weiner advises that in order to grow your business you tap into your experience but challenge yourself to think differently and not simply accept what you know. Read the full story.

Keys to success… Transform Your Business Culture and Reap Rewards
A transformational leader nurtures employees because when they feel valued, your customers will too. WLE Growth Guru Susan Steinbrecher shows you how it's done. Read the full story.

Keys to success… Reduce the Effort and Increase the Effect
Best-selling author Karyn Pettigrew offers five ways that women business owners can stop trying to do it all and take the time to tap into the inner resources that lead to success . Read the full story.

Keys to success… Step Outside Your Comfort Zone
To grow your business you sometimes need to stick your neck out. Read how entrepreneur Lisa Johnson took a risk and turned her catering company into a thriving food company. Read the full story.

Connect… Our new Keyholder Program
After every conference, WLE founders Leslie Grossman and Andrea March are asked by hundreds of women business owners, "How do I join WLE?" Women who attend wanted the benefits received on this one day to continue and grow. So, WLE's leaders listened and created the WLE Keyholder Program. Read the full story.

Connect… Teleseminars
Too busy to attend a seminar or keep up with professional development activities? Try WLE's new teleseminar series - monthly 45-minute telephone conferences with leading experts. It might be the best investment you make this year. Read the full story.

Connect… My WLE Business Network
Your children already know how to use social networks like MySpace and Face Book to expand their connections. Now, WLE offers you a way to tap into the expertise of a vast pool of women business owners any time you want or need to. Read the full story.

The performance of majority women-owned firms outpaced the economy as a whole in the years between 1997 and 2006, and they're going strong. Read the full story.

There are many kinds of keys, says WLE co-founder Leslie Grossman, and you have the power to make them open doors, minds and hearts. Read the full story.

Calling All Award-Winning Businesswomen
Do you know a highly successful business woman? Consider nominating her for the prestigious 2008 Enterprising Women of the Year Award program sponsored by Enterprising Women magazine. Nominations open October 1. For more information, visit www.enterprisingwomen.com.




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