E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Summer 2008

E-Newsletter - "The Exchange" - Summer 2008

July/August 2008 Volume 6 • Issue 2

THIS ISSUE: Resiliency
Life is not fair. When "the fates" determine that things will not go as you planned, your response to the challenge determines if you will succeed the next time. Resiliency – the ability to pick yourself up and keep going – makes the difference. In this issue, successful women share their thoughts on ways we can prepare ourselves and our businesses to recover.

Feature Article

Dr. Sarah Weddington, noted advocate for women’s rights and keynote speaker at the Women's Leadership Exchange® West Coast Summit August 12, 2008, reveals the lessons she learned bouncing back from a professional disappointment. Read the full story.

Be resilient...Use Fear to Strengthen Your ‘Courage’ Muscles
Fear can hold you back or it can teach you to handle a difficult situation. Deanna Frazier, executive coach and WLE Growth Guru, discusses ways in which we can face our fears and thereby prepare ourselves for tough times. Read the full story.

Be resilient...Build a Personal Environment That Sustains You
A personal environment that sustains and lifts you will keep you prepared to tackle whatever comes your way. Executive and LEXCI coach Suzanne L. Maxwell, Ph.D., describes a multi-step process you can use to understand – and improve — the essential elements in your life. Read the full story.

Be resilient...Follow Three Proven Bounce-Back Strategies
When the going gets tough, marketing expert and WLE LEXCI member Melinda Marcus sees the perfect opportunity to tweak your marketing approach. Read the full story.

Be resilient...Stay in the Present and Move Forward
Survival mode does not bring results. Instead, says author and psychotherapist Tessa Warschaw, Ph.D., women win when they take responsibility for their situation and explore new solutions. Read the full story.

Be resilient...Four Finance Tips to Keep Your Business Strong
In lean times, tried-and-true financial management techniques can smooth cash flow. Susan Sobbott, President of American Express OPENsm, tells you how to give your business breathing room. Read the full story.

Be resilient...Know Where to Get Help
There is no reason to face a personal or business crisis alone. Katharine N. Begley, Aetna Small Group General Manager, Northeast Region, discusses how employee assistance programs can offer much needed help to you and your employees. Read the full story.

Be resilient...Take Simple Steps to Protect Margins When Operating Abroad
Extending and managing your business internationally can be both profitable and challenging. Union Bank of California Senior Vice President Gail Ives describes several resources to facilitate your complex financial transactions, protect your profit margins and minimize balance sheet risk. Read the full story.

Is There ‘Green’ in the Green Movement?
Can your business “do the right thing” and make money at the same time? Let our expert panel at WLE’s West Coast Summit tell you how. Read the full story.

Spa Retreat Features Networking with Leslie
Pamper body and soul while making significant business connections. Read the full story.

Women of color continue to join the ranks of business owners, but research shows their gains are slower. Read the full story.

WLE Cofounder Leslie Grossman shares 5 tips to use resiliency as a powerful turnaround tools in your life. In fact, resiliency played an important in the creation of Women's Leadership Exchange®. Read the full story.



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